The Best Money is Hard Money. Bitcoin Is the World Reserve Currency of the Future. 

Bitcoin Reserve is a premier brokerage house that serves high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients globally.


The Brokerage of Choice for Contemporary Investors

Our team of industry veterans has been actively trading bitcoin since 2013, giving  investors streamline access to this emerging economic paradigm.

A Robust Counterparty 

Global Multi-Currency and Stablecoin Settlement

Deep liquidity

Reputable Banking Partners


Contribution to Infrastructure Development

Pioneering New Technologies

Focused on the Long-term


World-Class Settlement Experience

Efficient and Always Responsive

Private and Tailored To Suit Client Needs


Pioneering The Path Forward For Bitcoin

We take pride in being a bitcoin-only firm that dedicates all its resources to developing financial services for the future reserve currency of the world.

Buy Bitcoin 

Sell Bitcoin 

Liquidating your position is as easy as sending a text message. Our personal managers will take care of the rest no matter your position size and trading frequency. 

With a white-glove approach and access to deep liquidity around the world, our professional team will walk you through every step of the purchase process, ensuring expedited service.


Settle on Liquid

As a member of the Liquid Federation, we are pioneering novel approaches to trade and settlement on the Liquid network, the backbone of the new financial system. Professional traders take advantage of L-BTC's fast settlement times and privacy protections, while corporate clients explore new ways to issue blockchain-based securities. We settle via Tether (USDT, EURT), Liquid CAD (L-CAD) and other stablecoins. Reach out to learn how to get on board! 

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